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EVACUATION: We've published a few articles about this topic - one on how to find a new normal after a separated tour and one on how to prepare and survive an evacuation.

COVID-19: The pandemic has been trying at best. To support the transition, we've pulled together two documents. One is Lessons Learned from the Frontlines: Best Practices for Leading during this Crisis and the second applicable to all but focused on front-line healthcare is a Wellness Check-in and Resiliency/Recovery Strategies List binned out by how long they take.


Want the graphics? Choose from below and let us know what you want in full size via e-mail. Check out our mindfulness bites videos as well!

Mindfulness Bites

Mindfulness Bites

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KIDS: Nextpat will collate some documents and ideas of how to approach moving with children here - children present a whole different set of considerations that deserve a separate section - here we provide resources regarding how and when to engage schools when moving back, what conversations to have and when, how to manage reactions upon their return, and how to prepare for another move after putting down roots "back home."

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