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We've curated this list of other sites and resources that might be useful.  If you've come across more, please share with us!

Small Planet Studio offers a pro-active, forward way of integrating back home - taking your experiences and making the transition home as much about the adventure as the travel was! They've got a blog and lots of activities.

MelibeeGlobal is geared towards students returning or heading to a study abroad program.

The Culture Blend is a blog written by a multicultural family thinking through expatting, repatting, and transition. Some very thoughtful ideas, that remind you that you aren't alone!

Naomi Hattaway is a real estate agent, who helps folks returning with home buying, but also has a great blog with her thoughts on expatting and repatting.

Missionaries looking for a mission-specific program, can also look at the Mission Training International Debriefing and Return (DAR) program.

Want a podcast? While focused primarily on overseas being an expat, "Two Fat Expats" has a several episodes on returning home too - including returning to University.

Internations, you may have used it to meet people when you were abroad - episode 14 of its magazine covers repatriations (login required). while you're at it, why not discover some new activities in your neighborhood back home?

KIDS: Nextpat will collate some documents and ideas of how to approach moving with children here - children present a whole different set of considerations that deserve a separate section - here we provide resources regarding how and when to engage schools when moving back, what conversations to have and when, how to manage reactions upon their return, and how to prepare for another move after putting down roots "back home."

EVACUATION: We've published a few articles about this topic - one on how to find a new normal after a separated tour and one on how to prepare and survive an evacuation.