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Selecting the Best Educational Match and 
Advocating for Your Child's Academic Needs: 
What Questions Should You be Asking?


All children are unique and have the right to learn at their own pace. In order for a child to develop a love for learning and reach his or her full potential, they must be adequately challenged and supported.  Contacting a few potential schools before enrolling your child is a proactive step that can benefit your whole family. This document provides some questions to ask to help you find the best match for your children’s educational needs.  Please note that this is a bit long, therefore, we've developed this downloadable checklist!

We have also included a set of answers, which are based on our very own Alicia Walsh's experience teaching in both NV and VA, as well as what she learned while earning her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and endorsement in Gifted Education.

If you have already selected your child’s school, asking these questions gives you a heads up on what to expect going into a new school, and identifies where you may need to support your child at home, and/or advocate for your child at school. It’s best to be proactive to avoid being in a situation where a school lacks the resources or qualified teachers to adequately support your child.


When advocating for your child, the first step is to schedule a meeting to bring up your concerns to the teacher. Provide adequate time for your child’s teacher to adjust her lesson plans and approach. Kindly request that he or she provide you with updates. If you still have questions, you may want to contact the resource support specialists for your child's grade level (if they have one), and if you still have concerns, email the administrator. If you are still not satisfied, email the superintendent or director of the school. 

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