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Nextpat launched in 2016 with the belief that happiness is the route you take to joy and that everyone can find it with the right tools.  So, we offer a range of services to help families and individuals navigate culture shock in familiar environments. 

When our founder, Priya Jindal, returned from a study abroad she found herself changed and could have used some support in navigating her new identity. But, when she returned home after a year in India, which started with a one-month orientation, she really felt she needed an orientation to home. Feeling lost about who she was, what home meant, and how to be fully herself while still being true to her old self was challenging. She picked up a lot of tools to learn how to understand what was happening, grieve what was lost, and use that to find her truth and be authentically whole as her nomadic journey continued. She decided to take those lessons and ensure others in a similar situation had the tools to similarly pursue an authentic, fulfilling life no matter where they ended up and how much they've grown!

Transitioning from a deployment or active service to civilian life or from volunteer service abroad usually starts with a lot of excitement.  And yet, it can also be a real challenge - understanding the regulations and cultural context you operate in or just realizing you've changed in ways you didn't expect or even that the folks at home moved on.  We know what it's like to be unable to explain your overseas experience in a compelling manner on a resume. No matter what your transition looks like we've got ideas and professionals with the experience to guide you in developing strategies to thrive in your new normal.

We work to provide a full range of services, from workshops and seminars that focus on defining identity, developing community, integrating new technology, and telling your story to an independent forum to discover strategies others have used in similar situations.

Nextpat also provides tailored, individual coaching, with a staff ready to help you work through any challenges faced in transition and work with you and your situation to develop the most applicable strategies for a more fulfilling and joyful transition.

We care deeply about our communities. While we work on supporting those who return to their passport countries, we know there are many who cannot. That transition, perhaps even more challenging than the ones we support, is critical for thriving in a new home. Therefore, we support refugee transition by providing 10% of all Nextpat profits to the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

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