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We understand what it's like to come  home and find yourself feeling like you've moved to a new country. Isn't culture shock supposed to go the other way? We've heard stories from different people  who've lived and worked overseas; returning home to some familiarity and discovering, perhaps, it wasn't so familiar after all.  Nextpat launched in 2016 with the belief that happiness is the route you take to joy and that everyone can find it with the right tools.  So, we offer a range of services to help families and individuals navigate the culture shock that is home.

We know what it's like to return from a military base to civilian life, or a big city overseas to a small one back home.  We know what it's like to have done service work overseas and be unable to explain that in a compelling manner on a resume. No matter what your overseas experience - working, student, spouse - or your field of work - business, government, or service - we've got ideas and professionals with the experience to guide you in developing strategies to manage reverse culture shock and reintegration.

We work to provide a full range of services, from classes that focus on defining identity, developing community, integrating new technology, and telling your story to an independent forum to discover strategies others have used in similar situations.

Nextpat started with individual coaching, with a staff ready to help you work through any challenges faced in transition and work with you and your situation to develop the most applicable strategies for a more fulfilling and joyful transition.