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Individual Coaching

Why Use Nextpat Coaches?

Not only do our coaches understand where you are coming from, we adapt to best fit your needs. Our coaching questionnaire asks you a broad range of questions regarding your goals and past experiences. We believe that this next journey poses unique challenges with the greatest opportunities to craft a meaningful and joyful life. We are fully committed to the belief that you have the tools to develop this new life - we facilitate your insights and resources and help you apply them to your transition.


How Does It Work?

Nextpat coaches partner with you and work on a specific contract designed to lay out the terms of the relationship. We measure our success by your feedback. 

After the initial consultation and contract development, we figure out what goals and challenges you face. Then we start working through bi-weekly sessions to develop strategies to tackle those challenges and work on framing them to ensure that you have the tools beyond our sessions to pursue your adventure in every form.

Transition Coaching

Nextpat coaches have lived overseas and returned. We've worked with expats and repats and think that living a joyful life should be available to everyone. We will talk about the cultural expectations you have, what you are looking forward to, how you are preparing to say farewell to your old life while retaining the things you loved about it, how to frame your next journey, and much more.


We partner with you and your family to facilitate your insights, develop the resources you already have, and ensure your accountability as you journey home. We can support your thoughts on developing new communities, finding a new job, and leveraging your network for the support you need to successfully transition.

If you are pursuing a new job, we can also help identify various expectations, things to look for to help quickly assimilate or identify triggers for acculturation. We know that you want to make a good impression and we want to support you in your pursuit of success in your new career.

I was going through a significant life transition and Priya helped me address specific issues that I was confronting, in part by engaging me in a way that allowed my to look at these issues differently. She really showed me the value of this type of coaching and was a huge asset during this period of my life.

- Jonathan, Transitioning FSO

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DEI+ Coaching

Feeling exhausted from explaining equity v. equality or doing one more performative program, or just from carrying one more horrifying story of exclusion?  We've been there.  Importantly, we've also found ways to manage all that stress, weight, and frustration, so that we can continue to thrive and do the crucial work of moving towards more just and equitable workplaces, schoolrooms, and society.

If you are a DEI practitioner wanting time to reflect on your journey, think of new approaches, or find ways to reground into your purpose?  We'll work with you to develop habits to build your resilience, foster new ways of approaching difficult situations, and offer the chance to reflect on all you've accomplished.

By meeting on a regular schedule, we'll also work towards developing sustainability.  We follow the same meeting model each time, so you will start to ask similar questions, develop insights, and have the space and time to plan consistently.

Priya offered concise, thoughtful and helpful counsel. Through her guidance I was able to move forward more each week than I ever would have on my own. She showed me how I can be play a more active role in a happier and fuller life by showing me how to set clear and achievable goals that will help me with whatever comes next.

- Valerie

Career Transition

Our Coaching for Writing series is shorter than the transition coaching series. We offer 3-sessions on a bi-weekly basis to discuss things like your resume/CV, cover letters or personal statements, and LinkedIn. We are not experts in your field, but instead explore the stories you want to tell and how they showcase the traits you want to sell. In this package, we will also review up to five documents for written feedback that can be discussed during our sessions.

Often an expat second guesses whether the experience acquired overseas equates to anything back home. It does!!! We live in a global era, and our contributions enrichen society and new workplaces. Very worth it and highly recommendable! Thanks, Nextpat!!!

- Vanessa, Expat seeking a career plus international move

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