Relocation Advisers

Nextpat's advisers have lived overseas and returned. We've worked with expats and repatriation and think that living a joyful life should be available to everyone. We partner with you and your family to develop that path and work on practices to ensure your continued success. 

Why Use Nextpat Advisers?

Not only do our advisers understand where you are coming from, we deliberately partner you with someone that best fits your needs - whether this be a comforting adviser to hear you out, an action-oriented adviser to help you implement strategies, or a family mentor to help you manage new communication stressors. We believe that repatriates face a particular challenge but are also some of the best equipped people to manage those challenges - we want to work with you to overcome them and lead a more joyful life.


How Does It Work?

Nextpat advisers partner with you and work on a specific contract designed to lay out the terms of the relationship. We measure our success by ensuring you have the tools to pursue your own joyful journey. 

After the initial consultation and contract development, we figure out what goals and challenges you face. Then we start working through weekly sessions to develop strategies to tackle those challenges and work on framing them to ensure that you have the tools beyond our sessions to pursue your adventure in every form.

Great so how much does it cost? 

Our first consultation is free! So sign up now!

We discuss the terms of our agreement, including finances, during our contract negotiations. We believe in fair remuneration for our advisers and mentors but also work to ensure that our services are available to all who need them.

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