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Finding Peace Under One Roof

If you're a parent whose student moved back home and you aren't sure how to give them the autonomy and independence to develop their own identity while ensuring they are safe this is the workbook for you.

If you're a student who moved back in with their parents and your struggling to figure out how to have conversations about boundaries and realities of your life, this is the workbook for you.

The workbook will include three sections:

--Reflection to identify needs, current state of mind, and needs

--Conversation starters, topics, and rules of the road to start the dialogue

--Roommate template/agreement to address conflict mitigation before it starts!


This digital download is currently in pre-sale, but will be available soon! It will provide instruction and worksheets to process emotions for both parents and students who've moved back home, a precursor to the meaningful conversation required to live in peace. The workbook includes prompts for conversations that are required to maintain meaningful relationships amongst all family members and include a roommate agreement template to support a happier co-existence.

This project is co-authored by myself and Re-Entry Toolkit Creator and host of Small Planet Studio Cate Brubaker and Third Culture Kid (TCK) Mentor of Intercultural Transitions Megan Norton.

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