Finding Your New Normal After a Separated Tour

Last year we started a series on Why People Return Home and the impact it can have on #families and partners. With #ValentinesDay on the horizon and the difficulty of transitions for #couples, I’d like to raise the topic again, this time focused on unaccompanied or separated tours and the challenge of growing together when you’re apart.

What do you need to do when you return to ensure your #relationship continues to deepen and that small things while you were away from one another don’t drive you apart?

1. While #Nextpat focuses on your reunion, you cannot assume that you will be apart for a full tour or year and then return and all will go back to normal. There has to be

continuous engagement while separated – via phone, filling up your relationship bank, traveling to see one another (where possible), maximizing the time you have together when you are together, and laying a solid foundation prior to your departure through an honest conversation about the why time apart is beneficial to one or both parties and how you will navigate it. Remember that conversations while apart have to be at least two different kinds – the catch-up ones and then scheduled relationship ones (that dig deeper on the how you are and where you are emotionally) – something that can be difficult depending on timezones. Regardless, find the tech that facilitates you staying in touch regularly while apart – this lays the foundation to find a new normal when you return.