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Coming home can be hard!

Nextpat helps you thrive not just survive your journey home.

We have experience moving and returning as volunteers, students, professionals, and family.


We know what it's like and listen to your unique journey to know where you've been, where you're going and how to make that the best adventure yet!

We're accessible online and in the DMV region. Reach out to us below!

Partner with our advisers to map your journey home.

Take one of our workshops to develop new reintegration tools.

Feeling alone? Get new ideas in our free forum.


"I enjoyed the workshop very much; you are so intelligent, you have a way with words and you knew what I was saying when I hadn’t even said much. You were a great facilitator, you kept things moving but allowed for personal stories and thoughts. It was great! Learned a lot."

"All in all, I am in such a better place and have to credit you for so delicately guiding me in the right direction and reminding me that people in general are not horrible, attitudes change, and for giving me the phrase that swims in my head all day and makes me smile...  (actually I made it the theme of my goal board ) 'If you can't find what you need, create it!'"

-Pascale P./Veteran

Mindy W./Spouse of a traveling professional