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Transition Management Consultants

Did you know that 70% of employees leave their employer within the first year of returning or transitioning? That's a loss on your investment in recruiting, training, or returning them to post. Retaining these skills and talents help your business thrive and prevent you from finding another employee to train.

Nextpat's transition management consultants work with organizations to develop resilient teams and thriving employees. We understand the challenges that face transitioning staff and have worked with individuals and families to smooth their transition and resource them to overcome the challenge of transition.

Most people who leave their employers upon relocation do so for two reasons:

(1) a lack of use of their skills upon return, or

(2) their family not enjoying being back.

We work with HR departments to ensure that the unique needs of transitioning employees are addressed to prevent dissatisfaction and resignations.  Supporting transitioning employees, including veterans, is an indicator of an inclusive and supportive culture. We support the development of programming to take care of newly hired veterans navigating the corporate and civilian world as well as healthcare workers who have newly returned from an overseas experience. We use industry-standards, best-practices, and real-life experience to guide your compliance while also making such programming people-accessible.

Retaining Staff:

We work closely with your HR team to understand the culture, challenges, and goals of your organization. We will survey your transitioning staff to identify their challenges, frustrations, and needs if this is a blindspot for your organization. We can support you with analytic work ranging from use of your in-house talent database to hosting focus groups and exit interviews to evaluate what's working and what's not! We use this data to baseline your retention of transitioning staff and ensure that our implemented projects demonstrate measurable success.


Based on your resources and goals, we collaborate with HR to identify potential programs your team can implement to ensure a smoother transition for your staff. This might include a tailored orientation seminar for them or a conversation prior to their arrival. It might include facilitating tours or having brown bags regarding company culture. We can come up with a range of customizable solutions based on company demographics and needs.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

As companies grapple with identifying cultural shortcomings, putting the onus on staff, and knowing that this will pass, but wanting to be better, Nextpat is here to help! We will help you strategize and identify concrete goals that will hold you and your staff accountable to culture change. We'll ensure that everyone is aware of their unconscious bias and facilitate conversations about what is possible to create systemic change that encourages inclusivity. We will start focus groups and working groups and help you implement pipelines that develop a diverse new generation of leaders who are willing to speak up and express new ideas and bring diverse perspectives.

Yes, Let's do This.

Great! Let's schedule a chat to discover what you are seeking, by when, and what kind of investment you envision. We hope to walk away from these contracts with an established program that is self-sustaining! We'll work through what kinds of assessments and timing that will require to develop a tailored contract for your needs. Drop us a line and let us know what you are hoping to get and what you think you need as well as a few times that we might chat.



“Nextpat was very thorough in the weeks leading up to our DEI workshop and worked well within our tight timeframe. The team provided very organized presentations and they listened to the needs of our organization. We were very pleased with the workshop as well as the detailed final report."

Anne K./Executive Director/HOPA

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