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Coaching for Organizations

You've invested heavily in your staff, ensuring training, leadership development, and more. Your staff has gone overseas and developed a new network and skills. Yet, they seem less engaged since their return. You've tried direct management interventions and are worried you'll lose their talent. Why not try coaching?


Nextpat works directly with your transitioning employees to support their integration to a new normal. Our coaches work on supporting the family and professional's transition to help you retain your investment in their skills, knowledge, and experience. We provide both Group Coaching and Individual Coaching. Our goal is to support the individual and their family align to their new normal. 

Or maybe, you are embarking on the challenging and exciting work of becoming a more inclusive workspace with a diverse workforce.  We know that the real change will take hold at the middle and first line manager levels.  Yet they are often the employees who have benefitted from the current system and are struggling to adapt to a new system.  Coaching can help facilitate their exploration of new ideas and methods in a safe space, while holding them accountable to make behavior changes aligned to the new goals.

Similarly, as DEI practitioners burn out in doing heavy lifting around programming, education, and more, coaching can allow them a restorative space to build new habits and wellness behaviors while also exploring ways to navigate challenging environments.

What is Coaching?

Nextpat transition coaches facilitate conversations with your transitioning staff. These conversations are designed to develop insights, resource the individual, and develop a meaningful path forward. These sessions are paid for by the client organization and are contracted in advance. Our coaches serve the employee directly, therefore our conversations remain confidential and we engage the employee on their concerns. Our coaches are not focused on advising, mentoring, or providing remedial direction.

Why use it?

We believe that providing staff the space and ability to realign themselves upon their transition can help them define goals and opportunities that allow them to thrive in whatever way they wish to engage their new normal. 

--Demonstrate continued investment in the growth of employees

--Professional development opportunity

--Provide space to fully align personal and professional goals - resulting in greater motivation

--Outsource to a third-party provider

--Enhance team trust

How does it work?

Nextpat contracts directly with organizations for a pre-determined number of sessions with contingencies. We include sections for both group and individual coaching, based on client needs. Coaches will discuss the schedule and consistency of attendees, but due to the nature of the relationship, will provide no further information regarding the employee/s to the employer. We will notify you if the employee/s didn't make a meeting, or if there are legal or self-harm issues at play. Everything else is considered confidential and engenders trust, critical to communication, between the coach and employee/s.  

Group Meeting

Group Coaching:

Nextpat limits its group coaching cohorts to ten members, and requires a minimum of 5 members to form a cohort. Cohorts will meet approximately 4-6 times in the first 2-3 months after their return or on-boarding. Group coaching facilitates a conversation that allows the cohort members to learn from one another.


The conversation is focused on topics that they choose and discuss based on their own experiences. The coach helps to facilitate the ideas and learnings that each member of the cohort brings to the sessions. All lessons and take-aways as well as substance of the meetings are kept confidential to engender greater trust and honesty within the conversation.


Group coaching is a cost-effective way to provide the resources to your staff as they transition and navigate challenges in a familiar environment with a new perspective and alternative tools.

Individual Coaching:

Nextpat will contract with an organization to support a specific number of individuals with a designated number of coaching sessions (we recommend 6-10 per individual/family). 


Nextpat coaches partner with the employee and create a secondary goals contract where we measure success by ensuring the employee has the tools and ability to pursue their reintegrated journey. Then we start working through weekly or bi-weekly sessions to develop strategies to tackle those challenges and work on framing them to ensure that the employee has the tools beyond our sessions to pursue their adventure in every form.


Let's Get Started!

Contact us to discuss which options are best suited for your organization's needs. We will discuss volume of return staff and how we can best support your staff. We'll also discuss remuneration at the same time.

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