Why use Nextpat?

Nextpat is the only organization focused on last-mile delivery of services for your transition staff. You prepared your outbound staff with cultural training, ensured they had movers, could find schools, and all the other #globalmobility challenges that come with moving. Are you ready to welcome them home? We are!

Nextpat works with a whole-of-person approach that demonstrates your organization's commitment to it's people. We work with your home staff, transitioning staff, and families to ensure all parties are prepared and successful in the post-expat experience. We provide support to your staff while they are abroad (when coming home for short visits), prior to their arrival (as they plan a permanent return), and upon return (as they find their new home). 

Some advantages for you include:

-Management Tools for Managers of transitioning staff

-Context Tools for staff to understand transitioning staff 

-Adaptation Tools for Transitioning Staff to succeed in a new cultural environment

-Greater camaraderie

-Opportunity for feedback

-First-Mover Advantage

-Recruitment Benefit Potential               

Cultural Orientation Seminar

Returning home can be disorienting for your returning staff and home staff. It's equally challenging for families as they navigate their changed perceptions and responsibilities. Our Cultural Reorientation Seminar offers you with 10 hours of in-person or virtual classroom time with course content tailored for adult learners and focused on supporting adaptation in an manner aligned with changed experiences. 

Courses are limited to 25 individuals, as we have found this to be most successful in supporting learning objectives and implementation of the ideas that require accountability.


Orientation Course Content Sampling (for transitioning employees):

These courses are designed in a series of either two 3-hour sessions or ten 1-hour sessions and geared towards supporting the transitioning employee navigate their new normal:

--I'm Back! Now What? (Expectations Management)

--How to Develop and Tell your Story

--How to Find Your Community

--How to Incorporate Lessons From Abroad Into Your Life here


Nextpat hosts a variety of workshops on topics ranging from management for first time managers to resiliency for an austere environment. Our workshops are fun and engaging virtually or in-person and tailored to the audience. We use interactive technologies and facilitated conversation with worksheets to allow attendees to implement the ideas right away.

Check out a sampling of our workshop topics below. Many topics can apply to multiple, diverse audiences and can be adapted to your audience.


Leadership Workshops:

--Managing Return Staff

--Leading a Remote Team

--Hosting Difficult Transition Conversations

--Deep Work: Prioritizing Important over Urgent

--First-Time Managers - how to manage time and prioritize

Service Member Workshops:

--Identity Management

--Professional Fulfillment 

--How to Communicate Your Experiences

--Growing Together after Time Apart

Wellness and Resiliency Workshops:

--Resiliency and Wellbeing

--Defining Changed Values and Incorporating them

--How to Communicate Challenging Experiences from Abroad​

--Preventing and Mitigating Burnout

Diversity and Inclusion: We believe that to be truly inclusive a workshop is not enough. We only work on developing pipelines and evaluating measurable movement towards desired inclusiveness goals. We are happy to provide facilitation of conversations regarding unconscious bias, conscious bias, and assimilation. For more about our work on this topic, please see our Transition Management Consultants page.

Let's Do This

Contact us to discuss how we can best support your organization needs to ensure a smoother staff transition and greater retention.

"Such a wonderful workshop today! This really stands out from other more common workshops that are offered frequently and by multiple sources. I really appreciate unique and hyper-focused offerings like this one! And Priya is an excellent presenter!"

-Anonymous, from Easterseals VSN Workshop on "Thriving through Transition - Identifying Cultural Fit"

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