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Orientation Courses and Workshops

Nextpat courses are personalized with no more than 25 students and tailored to client situations, challenging students to discuss unique situations and come up with crowd-sourced paths forward.

Our course content can be structured over the course of several weeks, as longer or shorter workshops and can be tailored to specific topics, including resiliency and burnout.

Service Members and Families:

Transitioning to life back home or after the military can be challenging in unique ways. The sudden overwhelm of not knowing exactly what's required in what you wear, how you show up, or what the civilian world means by leadership can be confusing. In fact, it's probably civilian culture shock. We get it! We understand that having to choose clothes each day and walk behind the slow civilians can start to grind on you. It's hard to express and you may not really be sure how to even articulate it. Join us and others facing a similar predicament to figure out what will work for you in managing this and thriving in your new adventure.

Families may struggle to develop and find community, which is more tailored to interests or schools than a common mission. Or alternatively, now that you are planning on being in the same place for a while, you might be wondering what you want to do with your ability to be in one place for a longer time. Our family classes ensure that we cover these topics and help you discover the opportunities out there.


--I'm Out! Now What? (Expectations Management)

--How to Develop and Tell your Story

--How to Find Your Community

--How to Incorporate Lessons From the Military to Civilian Life

--How to Use Your Experience in an Interview 

--Identity Management

--Professional Fulfillment 

--How to Communicate Your Experiences and Changes in Intimate Relationships


Healthcare Workers:

If you've used your skills overseas and returned home, you might get the feeling that something has changed. Maybe it's you, maybe it's home, it's a bit unclear. You've got a compelling mission, but are trying to maintain some of the lifestyle you learned while overseas, or perhaps trying to figure out how to live a different lifestyle that feels unfair in light of what you've seen while abroad. 

You've still got a mission and priorities, but maybe it feels misaligned with the ways in which you've changed. If you were the only one on your team or in your office that left, you might be at a loss to explain what's changed and why. Join us and others in the same situation to learn new skills for telling your story and aligning your changed values while in a familiar space.


--I'm Back! Now What? (Expectations Management)

--How to Develop and Tell your Story

--How to Incorporate Lessons From Abroad Into Your Life here

--Identity Management

--Professional and Personal Fulfillment

--Finding an Aligned Community

--How to Communicate Your Experiences and Changes in Intimate Relations



Nextpat offers a variety of topical workshops year-round. We can also host the orientation seminar in a variety of formats. Some of our recent workshops included:

--Decision Making and Resiliency Strategies for Long Term Uncertainty

--Building Community

--Storytelling and Identity

Great so how much does it cost? 

We know that finances can be limited and we truly believe that everyone should have the resources to live a fulfilling life and transition healthily.  Please contact us to discuss what's feasible to provide you the resources to ensure a happy transition; we are willing to consider alternative arrangements, as we believe in transformation, not transaction.

When is Your Next Class and How do I sign up?

We're happy to chat with you about how to schedule something for your group. You can also sign up on our Services page to start the conversation. Right now, we're planning on hosting a few virtual workshops in Autumn 2020. If you have a preferred topic - reach out and let us know!

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