Re-Orientation Courses

Nextpat courses are boutique size (no more than 25 students) and tailored to individual audiences.


While many of the things we face are the same, we know that you may be struggling with a particular issue due to the nature of your overseas experience. Whether you are a student who did study abroad, a professional returning after years overseas, a "trailing spouse," a TCK, a missionary, an overseas volunteer, humanitarian aid worker, an English teacher, we've seen it and we tailor the course to your needs!

Universal Course Content Sampling:

--I'm Back! Now What? (Expectations Management)

--How to Develop and Tell your Story

--How to Find Your Community

--How to Incorporate Lessons From Abroad Into Your Life here

Tailored Course Content Sampling:

--How to Use Your Experience in an Interview (for Volunteers and Teachers)

--Identity Management (trailing spouses, TCKs)

--Professional Fulfillment (Business people)

--How to Communicate Your Experiences and Changes in Intimate Relationships (for Couples and Deployed Military)

Great so how much does it cost? 

We know that finances can be limited and we truly believe that everyone should have the resources to live a fulfilling life and transition healthily.  Please contact us to discuss what's feasible to provide your organization the resources to ensure a happy transition.

When is Your Next Class and How do I sign up?

Our last free workshop is on 21 September 2019 in Washington, DC. We're focusing on tailored courses with businesses for their staff, so would only host a sponsored event with an identified class roster. We're happy to chat with you about how to schedule something for your group. You can also sign up on our Services page to start the conversation.

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