Do's and Don'ts of Talking to a Return Expat

or "How to Talk to Returning Expats at Parties"

A few years ago, I was sitting in Greece, sipping in the sun, and chatting about Nextpat with a friend who had lived overseas and another who had been friends with the repatriate before and after the move. This second friend asked a particularly interesting question about Nextpat; she asked me to write about how to talk to a returning expat. What are meaningful questions? What do they want to talk about, what is appropriate? How do you engage when you don’t have that experience? We tackle that question in today’s post.

Greece, all rights reserved, photo credit: Priya  Jindal

As a quick aside: As with any engagement, half the responsibility is on the repat. We need to tell our stories in the ways that are relevant to our audience. Nextpat spends a class in our course on developing your story and can coach you for specific experiences if you are interested!