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COVID-19 Update:  As this is a stressful time for many people, we want to support families and individuals coping with the stressors that come from being an expat/repat in these times. Please email us with what else we can provide!

See below for our current activities including:

--Weekly ideas for integrating mindfulness into your day

--Preparing for a Post-Pandemic World: Reflect, Reframe, Realign

--Workbook on adult families reintegrating

We've also pulled together resources for hospital administrators and staff - on leadership in a crisis and how to get a quick fix of mindfulness on the go in crisis situations.

Nextpat is the only company focused exclusively on supporting businesses retain employees who've acquired skills and experience while abroad.

Internationally minded and available virtually, Nextpat coaches individuals through transitions helping them align their evolving identities to achieve their highest goals. 

Whether you're a company looking to retain your investment in your employees, continue to grow their capabilities, and align your personnel development goals with your mission OR your an expat who's recently returned to their passport country - we can help.

Using scientific-backed studies, experience, and feedback I'll partner with you to develop strategies to speed reintegration, ensure meaningful change, and integrate into a fulfilling community.

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It's week 3 of #mindfulnessbites - weekly tips on how to incorporate some mindfulness and joy into your day.

You can check out how to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your day on our blog

After that, check out our ideas weekly - here, on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn

We'll also post a video walking through the techniques or giving you some prompts/etc to help you find five minutes once a week to step away from it all!

Join us - and leave in the comments what has worked for you - what did you do somewhere else that you've found as a useful exercise now?

Our workbook is in pre-sale! 

Please support our work and value-aligned transitions by purchasing in advance.

If your adult children moved home unexpectedly you are all probably processing a lot of emotions and navigating living together as a family of adults.

"Finding Peace Under One Roof" helps all family members process their journey, have meaningful goal-oriented conversations and develop an action plan/roommate agreement to support everyone's goals.

You can purchase it here.

Are you getting ready for the post-pandemic normal? Not sure what that will look like or even how to start getting ready for it?

I'm hosting a 4-week series to support your journey as you prepare for a post-pandemic normal. We'll figure out what you want, what that might look like in our new world, and how you'll achieve it. 

The series includes 3 live webinars and one personalized coaching session.

Register here! Starts Friday 5 June!



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