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Strategies to Manage your Repatriation

COVID-19 Update:  As this is a stressful time for many people, we want to support families and individuals coping with the stressors that come from being an expat/repat in these times. Please email us with what else we can provide!

We will be hosting webinars on:

--Managing Long-Term Uncertainty/Mindfulness ($10)

--Managing Forced Repatriation/Evacuation (Free with FIGT-DC)

Stay tuned for times, URLs, and more

As a Transition Coach, I work with individuals and organizations to reorient and adapt to life in your passport country.

I help develop stories, prioritize values, and find and develop communities to re-establish life back home.

Using scientific-backed studies, experience, and feedback I'll help develop strategies to speed reintegration, ensure meaningful change, and integrate into a fulfilling community.

Figure out where you've been, where you are, and where you're going.

Upcoming and Recent Events

Feeling trapped at home? With balls of energy? Need to get out, but can't leave? Want to change the vibe at home?

Let's dance! Join me for a virtual dance party by yourself or with your family :)

Join us on Thursdays (because why not?) at 4:30 pm EDT 
Google Meet (

Just want to hear the music? - drop me a note and your local location, and I'll get you a local number.

Send your music suggestions to us below!

Loved the place you were evacuated from? Missing your community? Worried about school continuing to be online, or what household goods you want to recover - should you buy or wait it out?

Evacuation and the uncertainty with your return can be difficult for you and your family. Nextpat offers one-on-one coaching to support your decision making tree, based on an examination of your values and priorities.

We'll also have an evac guide coming on 1 April!

Own your choices and navigate the balance of living in two places at the same time.

Contact me at for your free discovery session.



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