Coaching and Consulting for Cultural Transition

Cultural transition to greater awareness for diversity, equity, and inclusion, a culture of wellness, or supporting new employees navigate a new culture isn't easy! Nextpat ensures you have a fully formed pipeline to address cultural transition challenges your employees face returning to a familiar environment with a changed mindset.

We coach, teach, facilitate, and consult to achieve your organization's cultural goals.

Behaviors in implementing policies and Organization norms establish a culture that can be inclusive or exclusive

Our Coaches work with teams and individuals to identify blind spots, opportunities, and tailored action plans for developing inclusive norms and values-aligned next steps. Whether you're looking for behavior change or self-initiated changes, coaching can help!

Running equity analysis on organization policies can uncover hidden bias and inequity. We can run these analyses and provide tailored recommendations and tools to shift policies and guidelines to develop a more equitable environment.

Policies, Guidelines, and their implementation serve as the basis for diversity and equity - containing the framework for diversity

Consistency and Accountability ensure culture shift sticks and results in measurable outcomes

Communication among teams helps baseline common language and understanding of core values

Coaches can work with teams and individuals to embrace tailored behavior changes and hold them accountable to these changes to develop consistent change that leads to cultural shift.

Facilitation can help develop strategic plans aligned with values and support team communication to ensure everyone understands the mission, buys-in, has a stake, and can implement their piece of the pie.



— Anne K., Executive Director for HOPA

“Nextpat was very thorough in the weeks leading up to our DEI workshop and worked well within our tight timeframe. The team provided very organized presentations and they listened to the needs of our organization. We were very pleased with the workshop as well as the detailed final report."

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