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Coaching and Consulting for Cultural Transition

Cultural transition to greater awareness for diversity, equity, and inclusion, a culture of wellness, or supporting new employees navigate a new culture isn't easy! Nextpat ensures you have a fully formed pipeline to create cultural shifts to address shortcomings, achieve strategic goals, and engender an inclusive environment that welcomes all perspectives.


We support retention of employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences, including a focus on minority/underrepresented populations and returning expats. 

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Gear Wheel

Values and Purpose

Identity and Boundaries


Communication Styles and Preferences


Time and Prioritization


Norms, Taboos, Rules, and Guidelines


Power, Decision-Making and Respect

Cultural transition requires evaluating who we are, what we value, how that shows up in our behaviors, and how we can shift these behaviors to align with our values and purpose. Nextpat helps identify strategic goals and values for organizations and individuals. Using these goals and values we help you build the external structures (decision-making, rules, etc) and develop the behaviors (communication styles, facilitation, decision-making) to align with your goals.

For organizations this can involve strategic planning, strategic sparring, coaching, facilitation and workshops.

For individuals we support cultural orientation through workshops and coaching.



— Anne K., Executive Director for HOPA

“Nextpat was very thorough in the weeks leading up to our DEI workshop and worked well within our tight timeframe. The team provided very organized presentations and they listened to the needs of our organization. We were very pleased with the workshop as well as the detailed final report."

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