Recovery Rituals for Resiliency

This month's post is going to be a little different...

#COVID19 has changed a lot of what I do from supporting #repatriation writ large to really focusing on #forcedrepatriation or #evacuation. Last month's Guide to Overcoming #EvacuationBlues discussed the challenges we face in leaving and returning. While I recognize that many people are still in the boat of being #trappedintwoworlds I'd like to take some time to talk about how we survive the #limbo - what are actions we can take to find some #mindfulness and #recovery throughout our days?

What are you doing? What do you do to recover physically, #emotionally, mentally, or #spiritually?

I've been really honored to host workshops and talks on various platforms to discuss the challenges of forced repatriation - how we find closure, grieve, and move on. I've spent a lot of time in those talks also discussing how to be more #mindful in our day to day lives, boosting our #resiliency and making us better #preparedtosurvive the long-game that beating a new virulent, contagious virus will take. I actually started writing down ideas and developing graphics regarding #mindfulnessbites - short bursts of things to do for #frontlineworkers #healthcareworkers #essentialworkers. But in the course of conversations, it became clear that this was more broadly applicable to nearly everyone today. So, I've decided to pull out the main themes and drop them into this post. If you're wondering why I would have any reason to talk about this at all - I've included my story on how I came to mindfulness during crises below.