Interview with Life Coach Kate Galloway

I’m so excited to introduce you to Kate Galloway today. Kate works with expats and many others as a coach and is based out of Dubai, UAE. She had a career in HR prior to becoming a flexible-time coach ( Her husband continues to work in the energy sector and so she’s turned coaching into her portable business. Kate is from Aberdeen, Scotland, and has moved to Houston, Texas before returning to Aberdeen with her first child when he was still a toddler. She’s been in Dubai for 4 years.

While I interviewed Kate with a few of our traditional questions, I was also curious about what she sees in her repatriation coaching practice and what sorts of exercises she thinks can be particularly helpful for those headed back, knowing that it’s different for everyone.

‘No one will really relate to where you have been, what you have done and even notice how you have changed, so don’t expect it of them.’

So Kate, I know you’ve had a few moves and are in a new home right now, but I’d like to talk about your return from Texas to Scotland for a minute. What was the hardest thing about returning home?

The hardest things about repatriating were two-fold. One was that it happened quite unexpectedly and quickly – I regretted the things we had not done. I was sort of grieving our unmet plans and the second was concern about moving home and knowing that I was not returning to my old life. My old life was not the same and neither was I. I count myself lucky that I had an awareness of this. I think a lot of people struggle when they return back either expecting to ‘slot in’ and/or not recognizing how much they have grown through their own expatriation.