How to Use Your Abroad Experience to Land a Job

Labor Day is celebrated by most of the world on 1 May, but since in the U.S. we celebrate it on the first Monday in September, today we provide some ideas on how to market your experiences and skills from abroad when looking for a new job. This can be a challenging exercise for students with a gap year, volunteers, and those of us who just travel for the fun of it. For folks who follow a partner overseas the task can seem even more daunting.

Despair not! Travel and your experiences are recognized as valuable assets. But how you capture them is key!

In case you are struggling with articulating and developing your story, reach out to us! We host a storytelling and processing workshop and are happy to schedule a one-on-one conversation as well! Part of selling yourself is knowing your story - and while being overseas gives most people a stronger sense of identity, it can be hard to articulate! Let us support you find that voice!

If you were working abroad or volunteering capturing that in a resume and interview is relatively easy and should be done in the main work history portion of the resume or CV. But, what if you were traveling or not working while overseas, how do you still capture that time in a meaningful way to demonstrate your adaptability and the new skills you’ve gained?

First, check out this video from recruiters who discuss being up front and capturing that time. They also suggest including what you learned during that time – whether that be classes you took, #intercultural adaptability, or other transferable skills. This video might be slightly specific to those in the development world, but the basic assumptions are universal.