Do's and Don't's of Online Etiquette

Digital etiquette also known as netiquette is about engaging online in the variety of forms that we do in a way that is kind, humane, and generous. The point being that today your online presence professional and personal follows you into your everyday life and is more easily accessible than what you may choose to share in real life (IRL).

In the course of researching the topic for this article, I consistently came across the Ten Core Rules of Netiquette consistently. This was not what I was looking for, most of you have been online for years, you get how to comment, how to text, not to use caps, to spell check, etc. Some of that is still worth mentioning, but I wanted to cover a few of the less obvious do's and don'ts, that are perhaps more cultural. Standards of use differ by culture, including how formal messaging is, when that changes, and the use of emojis (you probably already know that ;) ). Nearly all sites that talk about digital etiquette talk about basics and are at least 3-4 years old! That's too long in a digital age that changes every quarter!

So instead, I went hunting for the things that matter to you. I've split up the thoughts into social media engagement and Other, this includes some of the basics on e-mail, blogs, etc, but might be a good reminder for those returning from a space where access might be more limited.


1. Keep your professional and personal accounts separate! Nextpat has its own instagram account, where as I have my own personal instagram account, separate from Nextpat. Similarly, Nextpat has its own Facebook page, and I have mine (Nextpat's is way more active!). The reasons for this are pretty obvious, including how you use the two accounts, and to what end.