7 Easy and Brilliant Ways to Develop Gratitude

Welcome to the first year of the 20’s – if they were anything like 100 years ago, I expect some fabulous fashion right in lock step with significant socio-political discourse.

First, welcome to our new blog – I hope you like the bolder format, that is hopefully more easy to navigate and has an upgraded search bar for ease of finding older articles and topics – which include #hashtags.

This year, 2020, Nextpat is focused on supporting you with #practices to implement a better mental health space. This may be things like asking for support from work including #wellness packages or traits that have evidentiary support that they help build #resilience or well-being. Since Nextpat is focused on ensuring that you have the tools to support your best journey home, we’ll be focused on why and when it matters in repatriation and practices that you can adopt, not the trait or science itself.

If you have thoughts on topics you’d like covered, please do reach out to priya@nextpat.us

For our first blog of 2020 we’re hearkening to a blog post I wrote in 2017 on Kindness as a resolution when we started our initial newsletters. This year, we look at #gratitude as a practice, one that can become a neural pathway that we call up more regularly to support o