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50 Genius Ways to be More Productive in 2020

Getting ready for the New Year? New Goals? We recently were quoted in another roundup of ideas - this time ways to be more productive. I've used this technique and talk a lot about it at work where I'm trying to spearhead a revolution of deeper work.

I want to clarify that this is not my idea, but rather comes from the book "Deep Work" by Cal Newport.

In our response to the request for ideas, we included several that were included under other attributions as well! Nextpat is always happy to talk about general coaching and believes that many of the things that make us successful transplants are also what make us successful people. However, we can be overwhelmed sometimes, so reach out and we'll chat through ideas to make you more successful in your journey!

In the meantime, check out the article in BestLifeOnline

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