Navigating Race as an Inter-Cultural Couple Returning to Your Passport Country


You found the love of your life overseas, got married, and are returning to your home country


You’re a mixed race couple who has been navigating life overseas, dealing with the frustrations of being a second class citizen or alternatively the one percent, and are at long last headed home where you know how race is going to work!

Do you land and realize maybe things have changed? Maybe it’s not quite what I thought it was going to be? Is it harder than you expected? Alternatively, is it such a relief?

Race is often an unspoken foundation, coming with stereotypes and assumptions that can be hard to navigate. When you went overseas it’s unlikely anyone talked about it – because it is so often taboo or difficult to approach. However, you likely had to face it regardless. In some cultures mixed race couples may not really exist, in some it’s so commonplace you keep wondering why it’s not more like that back home. Regardless, coming home will come with a set of your own assumptions that may be challenged upon your return. What can you do?