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Nextpat partners with international companies and NGOs to model best practices for managing returning expats.

Did you know that attrition rates for returning expats near 70% and that most companies pay two to three times a person's annual salary in  moving costs and expat packages?

Nextpat works to ensure the transition from working overseas to the home office is managed to ensure return on your investment.

HUMAN RESOURCES: We work to engage your HR department to ensure that basic needs of your employees are factored in, particularly as they adjust.  Ensuring they are well taken care of - happy employees = productive employees.

EMPLOYEE RESOURCES: Nextpat can provide

--tailored reorientation courses for your returning expats,

--include them in a current course running,

--provide personal advising (including families), and

--prepare home office employees to discuss what kinds of challenges returnees might experience and how the office community can help manage those

--workshop with managers how to best use new expertise of your return employee.

Please contact us to discuss a contract suited to your needs!

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