Pre- and Post-Departure Training and Workshops

Nextpat's course offerings are bespoke solutions to your reintegration challenges. Whether you need management workshops to support your staff back home who are unsure of how to lead with a diverse and remote staff, support for your staff that have returned and are still finding their feet, or custom solutions for specific issues like post-humanitarian care aid Nextpat can support  your transitioning staff.

FOR NGOs: We realize that you are often in austere environments that are personally fulfilling and result in dramatic perspective changes. These changes can alter the way you want to live your life, it can make returning to a familiar environment confusing and difficult to navigate. Nextpat provides a specific course series for this situation, including pre-departure resiliency training to develop skills and tools to mitigate burnout and increase mindfulness in short, daily doses and values assessments coupled with tools to build community and a lifestyle aligned with changed perspectives.

We've created a series of classes that are broad in nature to support returning expats as well as some tailored courses that might fit your needs. Upon consultation we will choose from what is available and be happy to tailor new courses for your staff's specific needs.


Universal Course Content Sampling:

--I'm Back! Now What? (Expectations Management)

--How to Develop and Tell your Story

--How to Find Your Community

--How to Incorporate Lessons From Abroad Into Your Life here

Tailored Course Content Sampling:

--Identity Management

--Professional Fulfillment 

--How to Communicate Your Experiences and Changes in Intimate Relationships 

--Defining Changed Values and Incorporating them


--Managing Return Staff

--Leading a Remote Team

--Hosting Difficult Transition Conversations

--First-Time Managers - how to manage time and prioritize

Great so how much does it cost? 

Because all of our solutions are bespoke, each contract involves a different level of effort; please contact us to discuss the options available to your organization and the resources to ensure a happy staff transition.

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